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Straw Walker Optimisation

Installation of our straw walker aid is proven to increase combine harvester performance. Performance increases of 10 - 15% can be realised.

Experience has shown that a higher driving speed can be achieved while retaining the same level of walker and cleaning losses. The straw walker is every combine's weak spot.

We offer you adequate optimisation.

The walker aid is mounted to the penultimate step. It may be advisable to mount a walker aid to the third last step (if technically possible), e.g. when handling immature or long straw.

This picture shows the current version of our walker aid, installed in a WTS 9680. The rods point slightly upwards from the flow level of the straw mat. This temporarily slows down the mat. The rods are made of spring steel - the walker movements cause the rods to be set into vibration. This tosses the straw mat up and loosens it. Thus, any grain still caught in the mat can still be separated from the crop.

This photo shows the straw walkers of a Lexion 560. With the then-current version of our shaker aids installed, this combine harvested approximately 200 ha of corn and 450 ha of maize in the 2006 harvesting season.

Benefits of our Straw Walker Optimisation:

1. Performance increase of 10 - 15%

2. Savings in time, diesel, cost of labour...

3. Straight rods. Any machining (bending, welding) of spring steel would cause a change in its structure, thus leading to a loss of the unique characteristics of spring steel.

4. Plastic clamping. Vibrations will not be transferred to the walker itself.

5. Lighweight design. No unnecessary strain on walkers.

6. No additional settings or training required. Just mount the aids and start operating your combine.

If you are interested, please contact us or Mr Martin Reichelt, phone +49 163 9720201. Mr Reichelt is our sales agent and is a competent advisor if you have any questions regarding combine harvesting. He will also be happy to conduct combine harvesting training for your business operation.

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