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We are a young company specialising on agricultural optimisation, particularly in harvesting.

Nowadays, a combine harvester requires the same kind of investment as a newly built house. We all want to and have to earn money with these machines - they need to be profitable. This can only be achieved if we operate the combine at its upper performance limit.

We manufacture straw walker aids and sieves. When applied correctly, these optimisations can help you realise a performance increase of your combine of approximately 20% or more. Whether you harvest maize, cereals or rape... we are your qualified partner when it comes to realising this performance.

As we frequently deal with agricultural contractors and farmers, we have an in-depth knowledge of agricultural equipment. Thanks to this understanding of the efficiency of different equipment under specific circumstances, we are also able to offer independent purchase advice.

On these web pages, we would like to provide an overview of our products and services.

Into the future with us!

If you require assistance - just give us call!

Our homepage is still under constructions. Visit again soon, we are frequently adding new contents.

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