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Slurry Tank Docking Station

Last spring saw the introduction of a slurry tank docking station, jointly developed by us and Wienhoff Landmaschinen GmbH, Bawinkel. This docking station can be employed whenever use of a docking arm is not practical, e.g. due to space restrictions.

The main component of our docking station is a telescope arm that can be extended up to 80cm. This arm is deployed and lowered for coupling. You then drive to position the arm underneath the hose - the arm is then hoisted and pulled back in. When the hose is connected, a hydraulic valve is opened, while hose vents are closed - suction may now begin. As soon as the tank is full, the valve is closed, vents are opened, the slurry runs back into the hose and the hose is uncoupled. Just move the arm back into its home position and off you go. However, the main advantage lies in the flow of the slurry inside the hose - there are no bends, the tube is kept absolutely straight. Any bend would require the additional suction power otherwise required for 6 metres of straight hose. Suction works more smoothly and quickly, and less stress is put on the pump.

Slurry Docking Frame:

This frame is placed in front of the cesspit and guarantees the hose's correct position relative to the docking arm. This station does not come with a pick-up bracket for the front hydraulics fitted as standard, but this may of course be ordered as an option.

We have tested this equipment on our own tanks - our drivers are full of praise for it. A simple design that removes any need to get off the tractor while handling slurry. Furthermore, there is no more need to frequently lift the heavy 6 or 8" hose - this in turn amounts to significant time savings.

This station can be ordered from us directly, or alternatively from Wienhoff Landmaschinen GmbH, Bawinkel (phone +49 5963 1491).

If you are interested, just give us a call...

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